I am an artist.
I color my views in red, yellow and blue.
Wish me wel with my fantasy.




						2003-2006		•	Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Diplom-HGK), Basel, CH
						2001			•	Studentexchange with Cardiff, University of Wales Institute, GB
						1998-2002		•	Willem de Kooning Academy (Bachelor Degree), Rotterdam, NL

Stipends and prices

						2006			•	Winner PricewaterhouseCoopers Startpreis, Basel, CH
						2002			•	Starter stipend from Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
									•	Nominated for The Shell Young Art Award, Rotterdam, NL
						2001			•	Nominated for the filmfestival Hard Kijken, Arnhem, NL

Exhibitions and events

						2016			•	Het grootste incomplete overzicht van Dordtse schilders, group exhibition in Kunstrand, Dordrecht, NL

						2015			•	Salon der Leden, group exhibition in Pictura, Dordrecht, NL
									•	This is (not) Delft, group exhibition in Galerie XS, Delft, NL

						2014			•	Tekenkabinet, group exhibition in Museum Waterland, Purmerend, NL
									•	Tekenkabinet, group exhibition in Amsterdam Westpoort, Amsterdam, NL
									•	Megashop, group exhibition in Roodkapje, Rotterdam, NL
									• 	Commission print in edition for SaltyStock, Amsterdam, NL

						2013			•	Body in Motion, group exhibition in Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, NL
									•	The truth, the lies, solo exhibition in Sophianum, Gulpen, NL
									•	Kunstbastion, group exhibition, Maastricht, NL
									•	The truth, the lies, solo exhibition in De Zwarte Ruiter, Gulpen, NL
									•	KunstTour Gulpen-Wittem, group exhibition, Gulpen-Wittem, NL

						2012			•	KunstTour, group exhibition, Maastricht, NL

						2011			•	Salon Parkstad,  group exhibition in Schunck*, Heerlen, NL
									•	KunstTour, group exhibition,Maastricht, NL

						2010			•	Commission for primary school de Ganserik en primary school de Schacht, Heerlen, NL

						2009			•	Gallery Judy Straten, exhibition with Heiner Geisbe, Horst, NL
									•	Unusual threesome, group exhibition in ‘t Brandweer, Maastricht, NL
									•	DIN-A4, group exhibition in Kulturmodell, Passau, D
									•	Blinde Muur, video/film platform Cinema Punaise and Chassé Cinema, Breda, NL
									• 	Outils Utiles, art sale in Marres, Maastricht, NL

						2008			•	Gallery de Aanschouw, solo exhibition, Rotterdam, NL
									•	Nord Art, group exhibition, Büdelsdorf, D
									•	Rechtbank Maastricht, solo exhibition, Maastricht, NL
									•	Videopark Broll, group exhibition in Gallery Helga Broll, Basel, CH
									•	City Hall Valkenburg, solo exhibition, Valkenburg, NL
									•	DIN-A4, groepsproject van L5, Roermond, NL
									•	Kunst container festival, group exhibition, Vlaardingen, NL
									•	Oneminute, film/videofestival, Aarau, CH
									•	Festival Miden, videofestival, Kalamata, GR
									•	Videoholica, videofestival, Varna, Bulgaria
									•	Media Art Flow Festival, videofestival, Almelo, NL

						2007			•	De Kunstsupermarkt, group exhibition, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, NL
									•	Oh my godDESS, solo exhibition, Gallery ONYVA, Maastricht, NL
									•	Gallery Signe, performance event Lexor Buitenmarkt, Heerlen, NL
									•	Creatures in the city of Jeroen Bosch, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL
									•	Oneminute, film/videofestival, Aarau, CH
									•	NPeG, Video-busstop, Groningen, NL

						2006			•	Solo exhibition in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Basel, CH
									•	Final year presentation of the HGK in Messe Schweiz, catalogue, Basel, CH
									•	Happy Garden, performance event in Villa du Parc, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Annemasse, FR
									•	Publication in KURT, Basel, CH
									•	The sale-machine Galerie-automatique, Basel, CH
									•	ACT, performance event in Centre d’Art Contemporain, Genève and
										Ost-Quai, Basel, CH

						2005			•	BIM, 11th Biennal of Moving Images, Genève, CH
									•	Les Yeux de la Ville`05, performance event, Genève, CH
									•	ACT, performance event in Ost-Quai, Basel, CH
									•	Videofestival Aprilski Susreti, Belgrade, Serbia

						2004			•	Schweizer Durch Schnitt, group exhibition with direction of Wolfgang Müller, Berlin, D
									•	Group-performance during the Art Basel and the Liste Basel, CH
									•	ACT, performance event in Kunstraum Aarau and Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, CH
									•	Electric rendez-vous, group exhibition in [plug.in], Basel, CH

						2003			•	Group exhibition in Stadtkino, with direction of Pawel Althamer, Basel, CH
									•	Boulevard Festival, Den Bosch, NL

						2002			•	Shell Young Art Award, group exhibition, catalogue, Rotterdam, NL
									•	IDIOM - New Dialects in Vision and Sound, Rotown, Rotterdam, NL
									•	Boulevard Festival, Den Bosch, NL
									•	Final year presentation of the WdKA in Las Palmas, catalogue, Rotterdam, NL
									•	Movie Night in Ruimte X, Tilburg, NL

						2001			•	Filmfestival Hard Kijken, Arnhem, NL
									•	Videoshow for the organisation Gentle Lady in the World Trade Centre, Rotterdam, NL
									•	2nd year painting show - Jacobs Market Gallery, Cardiff, GB

						2000			•	Computeranimation for the new KPN-tower in Rotterdam, NL

						1999			•	50 etch in order for Gyata Management Consulting BV, Rotterdam, NL


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